Juneathon Day 6 – Tired

After yesterday’s exciting exploits I headed off to bed early, full of antihistamine tablets to try and stop my legs from itching. The nettle stings were kicking in big time.

Sadly, despite being tired, I had an awful night’s sleep. It felt as though I was awake all night as I saw each hour on the clock but I’m sure I dozed in between times. 

Come the morning I had to be up to make sure everyone else got up and out, and then I simply went back to bed.  Good job I wasn’t planning on running today or that would have been the end of my Juneathon!

Instead, when I finally got up, I did what I’d planned to do anyway -a 10 minute workout for my abs.


I’d forgotten how irritating the woman’s voice was though, still hopefully all good for my core muscles!

Juneathon day 5 – An easy run plus Geocaching. What could possibly go wrong ….

I felt really tired this morning, a combination of 4 consecutive days at the allotment, hard intervals yesterday plus a bad nights sleep last night. I didn’t feel like running, but I thought of Juneathon, sighed, and planned an easy run. I guess that’s the trouble with beauty of a challenge like Juneathon – it gets you off your backside when you’d otherwise slack off for the day.

To make my run more interesting I decided to head out and do a new ring of Geocaches that recently appeared close to home. Just an overgrown bridleway to struggle down and then a lovely 2 mile ring of treasure seeking. What could possibly go wrong?

As a precaution against nettles I wore my running capris rather than my shorts*, strapped on my water bottle, applied sun cream, made sure I had old socks on in case it was muddy, printed off a little map to help with navigation, and off I set. I felt like I was orienteering!

Thick, oozy mud
Thick, oozy mud

The overgrown bridleway was okay, a few scratches and stings but not too bad. I found the lovely footpath leading to the first geocache, and quickly found the cache. I signed the log, re-hid the box, and retraced my steps. I checked the directions on my phone, checked my little map, looked around me, but couldn’t see a footpath sign anywhere. I set off along the track which looked most likely, but soon came across one of those huge muddy puddles which completely fill the track with no chance of easing my way around the edge. “Well, it did say it was a bit muddy!” I brightly told myself, and started tip toeing into the mud. Over the (new) shoes, ah well, bit of mud never hurt anyone. Up to the ankles – ewwwww – its very green mud and there are lots of cows round here. Mid shin – there’s lots of flies here as well – best keep my mouth shut. Slip – upto knees – I think I’m about to lose a trainer!!! I made it to the other side, but realised that nothing here looked like it should on the map, or the directions, and no one else had mentioned knee high mud. So I did what any right minded wuss would do, and turned around and waded my way back through.

I hear its very good for the skin
I hear its very good for the skin

Having come so far and got so muddy it was a shame to head back home already, so I decided to try and complete the ring in reverse order. I headed past the cache I’d just done and carried on along this promising track. Then the nettles started. Knee high, thigh high, waist high, by the time they reached chest high I’d had enough. I turned round and  headed out of there.

I made it home by a circular route so I could still get a few miles in (I did), and so hopefully the mud would have dried a little by the time I got home (it did). Looking at my Garmin route and the Geocaching website I can now see which path I should have taken (it wasn’t the muddy one so good job I turned around).

So 3.65 miles, in 58:35 minutes (mile 2 took over 27 minutes – that’s mud wading for you!) Still have to tackle the trainers, and if anyone knows anything to stop the awful itch of nettle sting which is currently crawling up both legs and arms I’d be eternally grateful.

* Running capris offer zero protection against nettle stings – just ask my knees and thighs 

Juneathon Day 4. Intervals in the Sun

Intervals in the sunshine for me today – 7 lots of 400m with 90 seconds recovery. Add on a mile warmup,  and a mile or so to get back home makes it into a respectable 4.87M in 52:51

Seeing how sunny it was, I took my little handheld water bottle with me.  I haven’t used this for many months as it feels very strange to carry it whilst running.  I’ve been trying to think about my ‘form’ whilst running recently, and today I could feel how off balance out made me feel.  My solution? Find a hedge to hide it in until I’d finished the intervals.

Spot the Bottle
Spot the Bottle

On my way back home, sipping my tree-cooled water, I couldn’t resist stopping by the village pond to take some photos of the oh-so-cute ducklings. So fluffy, and so used to people feeding them that they run towards you as you approach, cheeping piteously. Don’t be fooled – these ducks are some of the best fed in Wiltshire!


As well as the intervals, another couple of hours were spent up at the allotment, and I managed a 1 minute plank whilst waiting for the shower water to heat up. Go me!

Juneathon Day 3 – A Run at last!

After 2 days of ‘allotmenteering’ I though I’d better make it out for a run. I’ve not run for about 10 days, so thought I’d just do a short 3 miles and enjoy the sun. Sunny it was for sure! Beautiful out there, and I was out early enough that it wasn’t hot. I ran my usual 3 mile loop, which is a very handy loop from my driveway, out of the village, down a little lane, down through a field, then back up along a by-way, back up along a tiny lane, and along a different lane back to my house. A completely circular route that measures exactly 3 miles.

Funnily enough, its the route I used to aim to be able to run when I started running, 4 years ago. I used to dress in jeans, baggy t-shirt and cheap trainers and walk until I was far enough away from the village that no one would see me. Then I would run for as far as I could (not very!), then walk until I got my breath back. I’d repeat this until I was back into the village again when I would walk (in case anyone saw me). Not sure why I was so worried about anyone seeing me – this morning I was out in my tight lycra shorts and top. I have obviously passed the age of caring!

Other things that have changed – at the top of the field was an old stile that I had to climb over. I used to puff and pant (walking) my way up the field, looking out for this stile which was the sign the hill had ended and it was flat all the way back. Now I run this route the other way round, the stile is often where I pause for a view down over the valley (and occasionally some hares in the fields). This stile is where I first saw some badger tracks in the snow in January. It is also where I demonstrated how clumsy I can be trying to copy someone who niftily climbed through the stile rather than over it. I managed to fall through instead – I never tried that one again!

Here is the stile I used to climb over, back in January:-

Winter Stile
Winter Stile

And here is the stile today. No snow, and a boring gate has been put in its place:-

Summer Stile
Summer Stile

At least I’ll struggle to fall through this one ….?!

Just discovered Juneathon – days 1 and 2

So in my blog meanderings over the weekend I noticed a few running bloggers (or is it blogging runners?) talking about Juneathon. They all had a natty badge on their blogs, and being a sucker for a natty badge I had to investigate further.

It turns out that Juneathon is a challenge for a month, to “run every day, blog every day, log every day”. However, the rules are flexible so it doesn’t have to be running every day (can you hear my shins breathing a huge sigh of relief?) but you should do some sort of exercise every day.

I only signed up today, so I’m taking the liberty of posting about the first 2 days in one post.

Juneathon Day 1

After a week away doing busy family stuff, I didn’t manage to run but I did spend a very busy hour at my allotment, weeding the onions. My back was aching when I finished, so it was obviously exercising weak muscles!

Juneathon Day 2

A beautiful sunny Sunday, perfect for a run you might think. However as my husband was out all day cycling in a local Sportive, and as the allotment was still surrounded by knee high weeds I decided to spend an hour and a half back up there tackling the jungle.

My back was sore again when I finished, so obviously still some work needed on those muscles.

Definitely will run tomorrow, as all my responsibilities will be back at school and work, and my time is my own to organise.