Just discovered Juneathon – days 1 and 2

So in my blog meanderings over the weekend I noticed a few running bloggers (or is it blogging runners?) talking about Juneathon. They all had a natty badge on their blogs, and being a sucker for a natty badge I had to investigate further.

It turns out that Juneathon is a challenge for a month, to “run every day, blog every day, log every day”. However, the rules are flexible so it doesn’t have to be running every day (can you hear my shins breathing a huge sigh of relief?) but you should do some sort of exercise every day.

I only signed up today, so I’m taking the liberty of posting about the first 2 days in one post.

Juneathon Day 1

After a week away doing busy family stuff, I didn’t manage to run but I did spend a very busy hour at my allotment, weeding the onions. My back was aching when I finished, so it was obviously exercising weak muscles!

Juneathon Day 2

A beautiful sunny Sunday, perfect for a run you might think. However as my husband was out all day cycling in a local Sportive, and as the allotment was still surrounded by knee high weeds I decided to spend an hour and a half back up there tackling the jungle.

My back was sore again when I finished, so obviously still some work needed on those muscles.

Definitely will run tomorrow, as all my responsibilities will be back at school and work, and my time is my own to organise.

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