Running vs. Cycling

Five years ago I started running.

This year I was bought a new bike for my birthday and I started cycling as well.

Both of these activities have their advantages, and disadvantages, but having cycled yesterday and then run today I thought I’d consider which activity I preferred.

Running is quicker to get ready for, requires less kit, and doesn’t require a bicycle. Cycling *does* require a bike, which then requires maintenance and washing (apparently).

Running means I get to spend time on my own. Cycling means I go with Mr B&T and sometimes our son as well.  These can be advantages or disadvantages, depending upon how much my family has upset me at the time.

I’ve tripped, slipped and got muddy when running, but it’s only when cycling I’ve properly fallen off. Usually at 0mph.

Cycling is faster than running and involves whizzing down hills. Unfortunately I’m scared of going fast, so downhills involve white knuckles from squeezing the brakes very tightly.

I have to concentrate on the road (gravel, pot holes, crumbling edges of road) when on my bike, but when I’m running I can look over hedges, into gardens and spot wildlife.

When I run I can manage water, an occasional veggie ‘Percy Pig’ sweet or a gel and that’s it. Yesterday’s 2 hour bike ride included a mid-ride stop in a pub, and also a tea room. The pub said they’d just stopped serving food, then brought out a plate of leftover roast potatoes for us to help ourselves to. Well it would have been rude not to!

Roast potatoes. Hmmmmm

We then needed a cup of tea to wash the spuds down, so crossed the road to a tea shop. Have you ever seen such a cute milk jug?

Thank heavens the chocolate brownie isn’t in shot as well. Nor the cheese and tomato tart

To sum up, trying to decide whether I prefer running or cycling, I think the roast potatoes might give cycling an unfair advantage. What about you?



The Unposed Selfie

When time is short, you have to squeeze in runs when you can. Last Sunday was a long run – 10 miles- which felt more like half marathon training should do. Twelve hour working days meant no more running in the week until Saturday. Obviously I needed to make this run count, so I opted for hill repeats. Leaving family* and visiting in-laws in bed, I grimly set off.

A 20% slope is tough, but as it’s only short I felt the need to run up it three times. It was hard work, I had to walk bits, but I did it. I took several selfies for the blog, and was thinking ofanything interesting┬áto say, and failing dismally. It was only later when I was looking at the photos I saw the selfie below. Taken accidentally, unposed, I love it. Wonder if I can take more accidentally?

*I should add (before he does) that my husband was out on a 100 mile cycle ride, but everyone else was still asleep.

“You should only wear your running shoes for…”

All together now … ” RUNNING!”

They should not be taken on holiday and worn for the following activities:-

Sightseeing around Liverpool

Liverpool Pier Head
Liverpool Pier Head

Visiting Antony Gormley’s sculpture “Another Place”

Spot the Statue








Seeing red squirrels at National Trust Formby

We honestly saw real red squirrels but they were too quick to photograph
We honestly saw real red squirrels but they were too quick to photograph

Walking in the Lake District

Rydal Water. Photo Credit Y. Jiwa
Rydal Water. Photo Credit Y. Jiwa

Driving a canal boat

Look no 'L' Plates
Look no ‘L’ Plates

And certainly not pushing open lock gates on the canal. (No photos of that one -sorry).

I think it was the last one that particularly broke the arch support in my running shoes (although along with opening and closing the lock gate paddles it was a great upper body workout). All I know is my plans of running up and down the tow path never materialised, and my first couple of runs back home left me with knee and shin twinges. Getting injured just seems so stupid and such a waste of time, so I immediately ordered myself a new pair of trainers and didn’t run until they arrived.

The good news is that two runs in my new shoes and I’ve had no more twinges or aches. Also the oh-so-pink shoes that I’ve always hated have now been replaced by a very stylish black and purple great-for-winter pair.

The bad news is that I missed getting one last long run in before Chippenham Half Marathon on Sunday 7th September. I struggle with long runs in the Summer holidays but this year I played it safe and I decided not to run. Yes I could have run and made it round I’m sure, but my shins were saying “at what cost to us, eh?!”

Risk averse? Probably. Cowardly? Don’t think so. Sensible? I guess so. Sigh.

I know how to cheer myself up – I’ll enter another race!