The Easy Way to Run Easy

I set off for an easy 3 miles the other morning. The only question was how to make sure I really did take it easy. Well of course,  the technological way to ensure you run ‘easy’ is to use a heart rate monitor. Simple,  yes?  Well,  it is if you actually remember to wear your heart rate monitor.

The non-technological way is to run ‘by feel’. This simply entails running so that it feels easy. If you have a running partner you can chat as you plod along, but as I usually run alone this would just be strange. I also tend to forget I’m meant to be going slowly as I get so wrapped up in my thoughts.

So, I’ve developed a new way to “run easy”. It does take some specialist equipment, and can only be undertaken at this time of year, but it really works. I give you, exhibit A.


I picked a handful of luscious blackberries on the homeward bound section of my run. Being greedy I filled my hand, and this meant I had to run very carefully (i.e. slowly) to avoid dropping any. Perfect!

Black and Tabby Runs – as featured in ‘Runners World’

At last, my literary prowess and sporting knowledge has been recognised, and I can proudly tell you I’ve been featured in Runner’s World.

Before I get too carried away, here’s a shot of the full page:-

Runners World page
Fame at last!

Before anyone makes any rude remarks, I’m not the wonderful OAP running their 100th marathon. I’m not even the Ninja runner. Look closer at the “I wish I’d known” section…

Runners World page Close Up
My Top Tip – number 4

Yup – there’s me – in at number 4. “Close your mouth when running past a large puddle with a car approaching at speed”.

Sadly I had to learn this the hard way, but I am passing this on to you all , so that you can be spared the nastiness of spitting gritty water out for the last mile of your run.

Happy running!

Pre-Race Nerves

So symptoms are:-

1. an easy 3 miles which felt hard
2. Increasing amount of ‘digestive stress’*
3. Planned race pace is changing everyday, with pace getting slower and slower
4. Obsessive Googling** of race name in case anyone has said something interesting / revealing about the race, the route, or ideas of good places to park in what is really quite a small town.
5. Nightmares about how undulating ‘undulating’ really is
6. Random aches and pains in all joints

Yes, I think its quite plain the patient is suffering from pre-race nerves. Only cure is to ignore all of the above and just get out there and run the darned thing.

Roll on Sunday!

* just in case anyone’s reading this whilst eating
** yes its a word, and of course, other Search Engines are available