Shoot me now – but first, Merry Christmas!

I feel like a broken woman. My left foot hurts, my right knee hurts and it’s really hard to limp on both legs. My left eye is horrendously bloodshot and my left elbow is sore. I’m tired from working in retail right up to Christmas Eve, and sad because I’ve not been able to run for weeks. Truth be told, it’s been painful to even walk. If I was a race horse, they’d shoot me.

My last run was a few weeks ago, on a rare trip to my local parkrun. The weather forecast was disgusting, and to be honest if I hadn’t been meeting someone there I’d have stayed in bed on a precious Saturday off. So thank you very much Louise (abradypus) for making me get out there and for a very enjoyable (if muddy) run. We had a lovely chat and my right knee felt great after my recent physio session.

Since then, standing for 8 and a half hours a day has taken its toll on my legs / eye / elbow, and if I hadn’t finally made it to Christmas I’d be very sad at this point. But Christmas it is, and I’ve spent a very lovely day with my family relaxing and eating good food. So I’m sat now with my feet up on the sofa, an ice pack alternating between my foot and knee, and a glass of wine in my hand. There’s always next year to run again. So with that optimistic thought, may I wish you all a Merry Christmas, and a run filled New Year.


So little time, so little running

I havea new and huge admiration for anyone who fits in running and racing with a full time job. Or a small business. Or both.

Since my triumphant marathon several weeks ago (did I tell you about my mara…? Oh I did. Several times. Sorry.) I have celebrated my Silver wedding anniversary with my lovely husband (we went away for a few days with the kids). We’ve planned and organised a party to celebrate said anniversary with around 80 family and friends (including food for everyone). My small (very small) business has sprung into life for its busy few weeks (I design and sell children’s nativity costumes, have a look here ). Oh and I’ve started a temporary full time job, in the Christmas department of our local garden centre.

All I can ask is “how do you lot fit it all in?” Because as sure as my face is glittery every day, I’m not managing it! Please tell me your secrets!