Juneathon Day 7 – Easy Race Recce

So yesterday’s Abs workout felt like a bit of a cop-out for Juneathon, but as I got out of bed and stretched this morning my stomach muscles were begging to disagree. Back to running today – an easy run (rather than my usual Friday long run) as I’m hoping to race on Sunday. Its a 5 mile race which I’ve never done before (so I’m guaranteed a PB – yay!), and is very local to me, so local I was considering cycling there. I ran most of the route today as a recce (although I know the roads round here very well) so I’d know where the hill flattened out (I always think of it as going on and on – what a pessimist!)

So why aren’t I definitely doing it? Well Mr B&T got to the calendar before me and is already cycling in a 175KM Audax ride on Sunday. Then daughter wants to go to a sleepover on Saturday night, and will need picking up on Sunday morning. All do-able so far, but it hinges on daughter being ready to be collected at about 9.30am, after a “sleep” over, and then walking home from the race start (only about 2 1/2 miles).

Knowing how great my daughter is at getting up and out in the morning, and her keenness on any type of exercise, I can only cross my fingers that I make it to the start line on Sunday, on time!

In happier news, my shoes survived the washing machine after Wednesday’s mudbath and are now clean and sparkly again. Top tip for getting shoes clean? Put in washing machine, add a bit of every type of washing powder / pre clean treatment / magic ‘whitening’ crystals you can find, and cross your fingers!

Clean running shoes

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