Juneathon Day 6 – Tired

After yesterday’s exciting exploits I headed off to bed early, full of antihistamine tablets to try and stop my legs from itching. The nettle stings were kicking in big time.

Sadly, despite being tired, I had an awful night’s sleep. It felt as though I was awake all night as I saw each hour on the clock but I’m sure I dozed in between times. 

Come the morning I had to be up to make sure everyone else got up and out, and then I simply went back to bed.  Good job I wasn’t planning on running today or that would have been the end of my Juneathon!

Instead, when I finally got up, I did what I’d planned to do anyway -a 10 minute workout for my abs.


I’d forgotten how irritating the woman’s voice was though, still hopefully all good for my core muscles!

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