Summer Holidays

Cue Cliff Richard “We’re all going on a … Summer Holiday. No more working for a week or two” (I’ll let you continue to sing the rest of it in your head. Or out loud, up to you. Just be amazed / surprised / embarrassed on how many of the words you know!)

Actually, we’re not off on our hols for a couple of weeks yet, but we are officially in Summer Holiday Mode because the children finished school on Tuesday at 12.20pm (random time). Knowing how difficult it is to get myself sorted to run when the kids are home I very wisely did my long run on Monday. How smug did I feel? Actually I felt hot, sweaty and tired, but I’m sure smug was in there somewhere as well.

Since then – nothing. As predicted I have failed to get out running for all the rest of the week. “I’ll wait until the kids get up and then go” (always going to be a fail with a teen and an almost teen. By the time they get up it’s lunchtime). “I’ll go this evening when its cooler” (thanks to this summer’s surprise heatwave it hasn’t been cooler until about midnight, and that’s a bit late to run). The best one yet, on Friday, thinking I’d have a good breakfast ready for a hard session. Then I decided I’d better let it digest, so thought I’d go back to bed and catch up on Facebook and Twitter for half an hour. An hour and a half later I woke up with my phone stuck to my face, and still no run done.

So now it’s Saturday. Last night the forecast was for heavy rain, all day. “Lovely. I’ll run in the rain for a change” I promised myself. It’s now 12.35 and its still dry outside. As soon as the rain comes I’ll be out there. In the meantime, its nearly lunchtime…

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