Ready for a Taper

After my massive 22 mile run on Wednesday, I was slightly nervous about how my legs would feel standing or sitting all day at work. (This was a day’s work being an “Extra” – hardly hard work, but it does involve sitting or standing around for many hours, just waiting for someone to tell you to go somewhere). There were no period costumes involved, so thankfully so fear of another corset or wig, but even so I chose my comfiest ‘smart’ shoes to take and hoped they would be acceptable.

It was an early start, but luckily only 3 minutes drive to set. I felt very guilty later on when people were saying “No, I didn’t come far, only about an hour and a half’s drive. How long did it take you to get here?” Amazingly, my legs felt fine. After sitting for a couple of hours I did creak just a little when I got up, but honestly nothing like I thought I would be. I could feel my piriformis muscles needed stretching, but go and google what those exercises look like and then appreciate how, dressed as a “posh business woman” I couldn’t really do them in public.

On the next day, Friday, it seemed like a good idea to go and find a big hill to run up whilst my legs were tired. (It’s not as mad as it sounds – the marathon course has two big hills, one at 14 miles and one at 20, so this is exactly what I need to be doing). One hilly 7 mile run later my legs were still feeling pretty good (but yes, tired) and I was feeling quite smug.

I was ready for a nice restful weekend starting with a lie in on Saturday morning, but my legs had other ideas and had me wide awake with twitching legs. “Oh all right” I told my legs “we’ll just have an easy trot round parkrun, to stretch you out”. * There was obviously a breakdown in communication, because I actually ran my 3rd ever fastest time at Chippenham parkrun.

See how happy I am?
See how happy I am? Photo thanks to Valerie Light
Not smiling - but flying!
Not smiling – but flying! Photo thanks to Valerie Light

NOW can I taper please???


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