All the Gear (but No Idea)

This morning dawned bright and sunny, and I felt inspired for my “up to 1 hour’s MP Run”. So inspired, I decided it would be a good idea to test out my hydration backback and running cap, both from Decathalon, Duly ‘geared up’ off I set.


My run felt good. Whether it was because Wessex Water have finished digging up the village which means I no longer have to run the gauntlet of hard-hat-wearing-men-with-shovels every time I venture out, or because it was sunny, I don’t know., but it was good. My overall pace was more like a Tempo run than a MP run, and that includes the hills!

At around 5 miles I came upon a couple of other lady runners. They were running slightly slower than I was, so I decided it was better to overtake them than to run just behind them all the way back to the village. We had a quick chat as I passed, and then I ‘sped’ off in front of them. When I looked at my stats that’s my quickest mile, as I made sure they didn’t catch back up with me.

I made it back home, after a quick ‘duckling’ count at the village pond (21 and rising!) and delightedly stripped off the hydration backpack, the sparkly white cap and my Garmin. I uploaded my stats, had a drink and a stretch, and got ready for my shower.

At this point, I made the discovery that I’d been wearing my running top inside out the whole time. Doh! As they say, all the gear, no idea!


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