Janathon day 17. The DGDVC*

This year’s janathon challenge was to do a Dressing Gown ‘dash’ and film it (Hence *Dressing Gown Dash Video Challenge). Just to be different, I did a PJDVC and my daughter helpfully filmed it. And she operated the torch (credit where credit’s due). In a show of solidarity** she was also in PJs and dressing gown.
The stats:- 0.1M dashed, in a moving time of 1 minute 3 seconds. Smashed it!

** translation “she’s a teenager. She’s been in then all day”.


5 thoughts on “Janathon day 17. The DGDVC*”

  1. Ah well done, liking the PJ challenge! I am exercising every day in January, stupidly I said I’d do at least 10 minutes per day, regretting that today having woken up with a cold. It has ranged from a 2 1/2 hour run to just taking the kids swimming but none of it has been done in my PJ’s, I might have to rectify that!x

    1. I can highly recommend exercising in PJs. The only problem was I didn’t want to take them back off again to put ‘normal’ clothes on afterwards, so ended up just re-dressing over the top 🙂 Hope your cold clears up quickly.

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