Black and Tabby Runs – as featured in ‘Runners World’

At last, my literary prowess and sporting knowledge has been recognised, and I can proudly tell you I’ve been featured in Runner’s World.

Before I get too carried away, here’s a shot of the full page:-

Runners World page
Fame at last!

Before anyone makes any rude remarks, I’m not the wonderful OAP running their 100th marathon. I’m not even the Ninja runner. Look closer at the “I wish I’d known” section…

Runners World page Close Up
My Top Tip – number 4

Yup – there’s me – in at number 4. “Close your mouth when running past a large puddle with a car approaching at speed”.

Sadly I had to learn this the hard way, but I am passing this on to you all , so that you can be spared the nastiness of spitting gritty water out for the last mile of your run.

Happy running!

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