The Easy Way to Run Easy

I set off for an easy 3 miles the other morning. The only question was how to make sure I really did take it easy. Well of course,  the technological way to ensure you run ‘easy’ is to use a heart rate monitor. Simple,  yes?  Well,  it is if you actually remember to wear your heart rate monitor.

The non-technological way is to run ‘by feel’. This simply entails running so that it feels easy. If you have a running partner you can chat as you plod along, but as I usually run alone this would just be strange. I also tend to forget I’m meant to be going slowly as I get so wrapped up in my thoughts.

So, I’ve developed a new way to “run easy”. It does take some specialist equipment, and can only be undertaken at this time of year, but it really works. I give you, exhibit A.


I picked a handful of luscious blackberries on the homeward bound section of my run. Being greedy I filled my hand, and this meant I had to run very carefully (i.e. slowly) to avoid dropping any. Perfect!

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