Autumnal Hills

I decided it was time to run up and down some hills in the woods. Well it was Thursday and it wasn’t raining.  Amazingly it wasn’t a mudfest, it was stunningly beautiful with the trees just beginning to change colour and the first sun for days.  As I ran down the little lane to the woods, the sky was huge with awesome clouds. I wish I’d had a decent camera with me, but my phone did its best to capture it.


The path through the woods was wet and slippy,  but very quiet with just my puffing and panting disturbing the peace.


I did find a little lost soul in the woods, so if anyone’s looking for them,  they’re stood on a gatepost waiting for you.



The best bit about runs like this is looking at the stats afterwards. Not pace, that’s always frighteningly slow, but the elevation profile.

Impressive Elevation Profile

See – impressed now?


2 thoughts on “Autumnal Hills”

  1. I know. I think I’ll have to brave those hills again and and rescue her if she’s still there. My son is a Lego addict and has always viewed Playmobil with utter distain (“but its already built – what’s the fun in that?!”) so I’ll have to smuggle her in when he’s not looking.

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