You’re a Winner!

Winning at Christmas usually means that you get to keep the small plastic toy in your half of the cracker. If you’re lucky it could be a mis-spelling of ‘wining’, which usually goes with ‘dining’, both of which I heartily approve of.  If you’re less lucky it could be a misprunt of ‘whining’ which I can never condone. Fortunately for me I must have been a good girl last year because I really was a winner in a competition run by the lovely Jog Blog. Jog Blog (aka “She who must be obeyed as the organiser of Janathon and Junathon”, aka Cathy aka Planet Veggie) had reviewed a snazzy pair of running tights from a website called ‘Zalando’, and had a voucher worth £25 to give away. Enter Lucky Lucy!

I finally got around to spending this voucher recently and put it towards a new,  warm,  winter coat.  It arrived and was excited unwrapped,  and then was disappointedly re-wrapped because it was too small.  (I know, I know,  I ordered my usual size but then wanted to wear a winter jumper underneath and still be able to move my arms. Some people are just so demanding).

I ordered a different coat ( in the next size up) and it finally arrived today. I can fit more than just my underwear beneath this coat, it feels lovely and warm (and showerproof) and with the enormous fluffy-edged hood up I feel like Kenny from Southpark. What’s not to like?



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