What any Sane, Normal Person would do

As Thursday’s long run was the longest run I’d had for months,  I resolved to take it slow and steady and allow myself tobe easily distracted. After spotting myself in a mirror designed to help someone trying to get out of their drive safely I pondered for some time about safety when running and the usefulness of hi-viz clothing.

Running on down a quieter lane, with wide grassy (muddy) verges I was surprised to spot a sword. A kid’s plastic sword, unbroken, abandoned and just lying flat on the grass.

Abandoned sword

I eyed it up for a few moments, just lying there, then did what any sane, normal person would do*.

The sword in the stone (mud)

I must go back that way and see if Arthur has reclaimed his sword.


* My daughter disagrees that this is the action of a sane person. But teenagers have to be contrary, it’s in their job description.

7 thoughts on “What any Sane, Normal Person would do”

  1. Hmmfff .. what do teenagers know anyway? 🙂 If it isn’t claimed perhaps you should keep it as one of your running accessories. I mean .. who knows when and where your nemesis ‘psycho pheasant’ is going to re-appear?

    1. Good point Mel. I’ve tried to forget about the psycho pheasant, but as you say, who knows when and where he’ll reappear …

    1. Excellent. I’m very glad that any other fallen swords will be safely re-erected by all the other normal people in the country. And it was a psycho pheasant, not peasant 🙂 I think it happened pre-blog so if you can’t find it maybe I’ll have to write about it. If I can bear to relive the trauma …

  2. Brilliant!! I’m not sure I would have been that clever as to do what you did with the sword! I had to grin when I saw your photo. I’m sure the locals were smiling too 😀

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