These are the miles that matter

16 miles today. They were all hard. I was dreaming of my end-of-run hot chocolate by mile 3. It was raining, my legs were tired.

At first I thought about why it was so hard. Don’t have to look too far – a Half Marathon PB on Sunday, 9.5 miles on Tuesday, 3.3 miles on Wednesday, and now 16 miles on Friday. Not surprised my legs were tired!

Then I started thinking about how these miles on tired legs were the ones that were really important in marathon training.

“These are the miles that matter” I thought, in a slightly American “Go Team Me!” style. Then I kept on thinking it, and it helped get me home again. That and the thought of the hot chocolate of course.

Our village is currently being dressed in Victorian finery for a film they’re shooting here from Saturday. I’m lucky enough to be an extra, so am swapping my Lycra for a corset, big heavy dress and jaunty hat for the next 5 days. We are guaranteed snow this weekend – in fact I passed the trailer it came in.

The snow's arrived



To anyone else feeling really tired on their long runs, just remember “these are the miles that matter”*

* it helps if you say this in a Rambo-esque voice

2 thoughts on “These are the miles that matter”

  1. “These are the miles that matter”……great mantra! Will remind myself of that when I’m struggling on my next long run. Well done on a heavy mileage week 🙂

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