Juneathon day 19. These Birkenstocks were made for walking

Might sound familiar, but today was spent sorting my car out and killing time shopping. Many hours spent in the lovely town of Swindon, walking for miles and looking half heartedly for things to at for a family wedding in August.

To make this an official Juneathon activity I wore my Garmin. Unfortunately the battery went flat after 1.1 miles. On my walk back to the garage I used Strava on my phone and measured 1.8 miles walking which included a stop for lunch and was whilst carrying 2 tonnes of shopping.

So over 3 miles walked (I walked more than I recorded so I rounded up), car all sorted and a new dress bought. Result.

Are you ready Birkenstocks? Start walking

Janathon Day 17. A Breath of Fresh Air

After a morning’s house cleaning and tidying I had to get outside before I turned into a Stepford Wife. So I grabbed my Garmin and wellies and set off for a squelchy walk.

I also grabbed my ipod and listened to a Podcast of Radio 4’s The News Quiz. I felt so much better for the fresh air and daylight, and sniggered my way around a muddy loop through the fields. I’m afraid I always end up laughing out loud to the News Quiz, so it’s a good job most of my walk was a solitary one.

No wonder I look happy!