Summer Silliness. Running my Name

So it was a beautiful evening, I was trying out some new shorts (review to follow), I was running across a deserted football field and I was struck with the desire to run some silliness. So I did – I ran my name. *

‘Black And Tabby’ is way too long to run, so I used my real name instead. Well it amused me!

Can you spot it?
Can you spot it?

* With thanks to my friend and sometime racing partner Mel, who managed to ‘run’ his name recently as well.

3 thoughts on “Summer Silliness. Running my Name”

  1. Yep – I’m afraid it’s all my fault! When I was training for my coast to coat walk and walking round and round Cirencester Park I decided to ‘write’ my name. I managed to do that and the name of one of my work colleagues as well. I also tried to draw a ‘chad’ (aka. Kilroy) over one of the roads in Cirencester Park. All good fun!!

  2. Of course I obviously meant to write coast to coast walk just now. It sounds like I had to go for a long walk because I had left my coat somewhere in Cirencester Park. Doh! 🙂

    1. I’m liking the sound of the Coast to Coat walk. And thank you for the inspired silliness Mel!

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