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I’m Lucy, otherwise known as ‘Black and Tabby’ having pinched the name from the two cats who owned us at the time.

our Black Cat
our Black Cat


our Tabby cat
our Tabby cat

I started running in 2009 in a mid-life crisis “I’m over 40 and I NEED to do something to get fit!” kind of a way. I had tried running several times before, normally for a few weeks before an annual skiing holiday when I knew my legs would never survive the week if I didn’t do something. I also tried swimming which I hated because I’m no good at it (I’m a devotee of the “head-up-don’t-get-your-hair-wet” style of swimming). I also tried cycling, although I didn’t approve of how much it hurt my backside. This time though, I came back from holiday already feeling fit, and decided to try running again because I loved feeling strong and healthy. Early training often involved sloping off down the footpaths in jeans and trainers (so no one would ‘see’ that I was trying to run) and only breaking into a shuffle when I was miles from anywhere.

My children helpfully encouraged me to enter their school 10K race in 2009 so I had something to aim for. The first day I managed to complete 6 miles still stands out in my mind, and I remember feeling a huge wave of achievement and pride in myself. I ran in the 10K race that summer, and came last. I didn’t care though – because I had finished my first race (and got huge cheers in the process, including from my son who helpfully shouted “Mum! You’re doing really well! Even though you’re last!!”)

After this I entered my first Half Marathon in March 2010, my first 5K in 2011 and my first Marathon in 2012. I also ran in many other races in between these as well, of course. I’m not fast, in fact I’m very slow, but I run at my own pace which is still much faster than I could ever have moved 3 years ago.

I like running alone as it gives me some time and space with my thoughts, and time to appreciate the beautiful Wiltshire countryside I usually run through. This blog is a chance for me to share some of these thoughts, and photos of some of the things I see whilst I’m out and about. Its also a chance for me to write about my current training so I can get it out of my system and not totally bore my poor family with my witterings.

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