Sad Update. December 2014

I’ve had a very strange December. All the usual pre-Christmas stresses were compounded by a loss of any Internet at home. No online shopping, no running my online business, no blogging. Time pressures have also meant very little running.

All of these frustrations have paled into insignificance with today’s news. Today we had to say goodbye to our beautiful old cat, Holly. She was 17 years old, we’d had her since she was a little kitten, she was often grumpy, she’d been ill for quite some time, but we all loved her dearly. She was the ‘black’ part of ‘Black and Tabby’, she was a unique feisty cat and she will be very sorely missed.


Find yourself a lovely big clump of heavenly catnip and sleep well, little one.

2 thoughts on “Sad Update. December 2014”

    1. Very sad time, but it was the right time. Sigh. Our younger tabby boy keeps glancing up at the back of the sofa (where she used to sit) to check she isn’t going to pounce on him any more.

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