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Living in a fairly rural part of the country as I do, I end up doing a fair bit of online shopping, and so the various courier drivers are getting to know me quite well. I was still surprised though, when I opened the door to collect a packet from UPS to see the driver giving me a very big smile and a wave as he left. “How very friendly!” I thought. Then I noticed the package was marked as ‘Lingerie’, and the sender was “Panache Lingerie”, which explained everything. If he’d been imagining delicate little lacey nothings, however, he’d have been disappointed when he saw the package’s contents.

When I learnt that Panache were looking for people to review their new sports bra I instantly applied,  as I love getting new gear.  I was also keen to try a sports bra that wasn’t of the compression ‘squash everything down’ type. Being a smaller chested lady my sports bras have always resembled a cut off vest as much as anything. The Panache Sports Bra is designed for ladies much more ‘ample’ than myself (it goes up to cup size H)  and as such is a very different beast. I initially thought it wouldn’t fit me, but I was advised if I went down a band size I could go up a cup size, so this is what I did.


Panache Sports Bra, in Coral

The first thing to say about this bra is how fantastically bright and colourful it is.  The second is how beautifully padded it is. The straps especially are wide and soft and didn’t cut into my shoulders at all. The underband is also wide which means it doesn’t ride up or wrinkle. I had been worried about how the wires in an underwired sports bra would feel, but I am happy to report I couldn’t feel them at all. I fastened the bra on its loosest setting, and as advised it was a great fit. Come the summer when everything expands it might feel a bit tight, but in January it feels great.

I wore it whilst I did a workout DVD (hello Jillian Michaels and her 30 day shred!) which involves jumping jacks and other leaping up and down exercises, as well as bending up and down whilst lifting weights exercises. I am happy to report the bra felt great throughout, didn’t move or shift, held everything in place it was supposed to and sadly it didn’t manage to distract me from the workout (I could have done with some!)

Whilst the Panache Sports bra, and their entire range, seems to be aimed at the larger busted woman, I am very pleased to say it is still appropriate and downright comfortable for us women at the other end of the bra-size-spectrum. In fact I just have one problem with this bra. I looked at the washing instructions to see it said “wash similar colours together” and realised I don’t have anything in my wardrobe in similar colours to this bra!

Panache’s website, and this sports bra can be seen here.

This bra was sent to me by Panache for me to try, and to write an honest review of it. I received no payment for this review.

4 thoughts on “Product Review – Panache Sports Bra”

  1. Hi Lucy – had to chuckle at the delivery driver giving you a ‘knowing’ smile thinking he knew what was inside the package. It really is very colourful and to be honest, doesn’t look like a bra at all. Not sure if it’s different enough from a bra to be able to wear by itself in hot weather – depends whether you think you’ve got the nerve to pull it off(*). As for your washing problem – easily solved – just buy some more of the same?


    (*) I did attempt to leave a reply that didn’t include any sniggering or ‘fnar fnar’ moments – but I’m afraid I failed miserably 🙂

    1. Mel – I think you were admirably restrained in managing to hold out until your 3rd sentence before sniggering 🙂 I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to look the courier driver in the eye again.

    1. A huge range of sizes – I’ve heard nothing but good about it from ladies larger than me as well!

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