Oh what a beautiful morning!

Wiltshire Sun on a Frosty Morning

Snow on Sunday, heavy frost this morning, but determined to get out for a run as the children have finally gone back to school after half term, and just realised its less than 3 weeks to my next race (more on that another time!)

The view above was surely enough to entice anyone out into the sunshine this morning, however I only saw one dog walker so maybe no one else was brave (stupid) out.

After the snow and floods of the weekend, I planned my route carefully as I really didn’t want to wade through muddy fields, and wasn’t anxious to see the bullocks again either.

I obviously had a problem with my planning though – this freezing puddle was within half a mile of home which meant my feet got soaked and frozen as I set off, and then re-soaked and re-frozen as I was nearly home.

Uh oh!

Still had a smile on my face though – Roll on the Winter training!

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