Juneathon Day 27. Never too late to parkrun

After last night’s fantastic gig in Bristol, followed by sitting on a comfy sofa watching Glastonbury for far too long, of course the sensible thing to do is to get up for parkrun. Naturally I’m a very sensible person so that’s what I did.

I did have trouble getting up, so I was a little late setting off, and a little late arriving. As I headed down the slope from the car park I could see runners already coming to the end of the first lap of the first loop. (Chippenham parkrun is two laps of two loops in Monkton Park down by the river). I dropped my water, headed over to the start area and started running whilst declaring to the marshalls ‘I’m late. I’ll still run all the laps!”
I confused at least one marshall (sorry!) and spent my entire parkrun catching and overtaking runners. A Harriers friend said on Strava it would be good practice for the next Lacock relay!

I look like I'm speed walking, but I have both feet off the ground

P.S. There has been a delay in processing the official parkrun times, so I don’t know yet how late I was starting.

P.P.S. Times now in, official parkrun time is 30:32, my Strava time is 26:25 so I was officially over 4 minutes late. Whoops. Annoyingly that would have been my second fastest parkrun time ever. Impressively I finished in position 126, the last finisher was position 177, meaning I overtook 51 runners. Definitely good practice for Lacock!

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