Juneathon Day 2. Running with my Ears

A lovely 5 mile run this morning. I kept the pace up in case the builders were planning on arriving, but not so fast that I’d be a sweaty mess if they were waiting on the drive for me when I got back. As it turns out they’re not coming until next Monday – so expect a very similar run /post in a week’s time.

As I stood on the drive waiting for my Garmin to find some satellites I became aware of the hedge next to me. It was buzzing -swarming with bees. I tried to film them but the microphone isn’t great on my phone.

After this I was alert to all the sounds around me. I was listening to the birds as I ran through the village, and could notice when the noise from the bypass on the very edge of town began to impose on my consciousness. The bridge over the bypass has a Strava segment running over it which is a tempting reason to run that way.

The view from the top showed the tractor I’d heard cutting the grass, leaving stripes even my Dad would be proud of.

There is another buzzing you can hear here, but sadly is not more bees, just the powerlines on the nearby pylon.

The run back home was uneventful, but I felt pretty good, fit and positive. You can tell it’s only day 2 of Juneathon!

2 thoughts on “Juneathon Day 2. Running with my Ears”

    1. Exactly. Definitely a good start. Have to keep reminding myself it’s only day 2!

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