Juneathon day 18. A long run

A day that starts with going back to bed is never going to be a great one,  unless you’d planned a lazy ‘slump’ day and have nothing else to do. I was really tired but couldn’t get back to sleep so gave up, and got up again.

Then I decided I’d better get my Juneathon done for the day so I climbed into my running gear.  Then I thought maybe I’d feel better if I took my ipod. Them I realised it was probably out of charge as I’ve not used it for so long.  Then I realised that actually I haven’t done a long run for … ooh quite some time.

Finally stopped pfaffing about and got out there. 10 miles done, all of them horrible, and I truly hated every step. None of this “once you get out you’ll enjoy it” nonsense here! Ah well, its done, and it was the longest run I’ve done since Brighton Marathon back in April, so I guess it was long overdue.


Oh – the best bit of this run? The hot chocolate, and toast with peanut butter with extra salt crystals sprinkled on it, that I had when I go t back home. I would have taken a photo, but I was too slow and it went.

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