Juneathon Day 16. Creating New Running Styles

A proper run was needed today, so I set off through the village, onto a busy lane, turned into a quiet lane and headed down to the main A4.



The A4

The verge alongside the A4 was very overgrown and to stop myself fallling into the path of a lorry I tiptoed along here looking for the start of the bridleway. I failed dismally, reached the roundabout and had to turn around and backtrack.

Not surprising I missed it

The start of the bridleway was also overgrown, so I didn’t run as much as battle my way through.

Battleway rather than Bridleway

It was whilst fighting through the undergrowth whilst not being able to see your feet I realised I’d discovered a new running style -The Shuffle*. Not so much running, more shuffling your feet ahead of you to make sure you have a stable footing. Not speedy, but effective.

Advantages of battling through the undergrowth

A little further I reached a patch of eye level grasses I had to get through. It was here I developed my second new running style “The Rocky”. This one has you running along with your hands held in fists, alternately punching the plants out of the way before they swipe you on the face.

If you try either of these two methods on your runs, please do let me know!

* Whilst doing The Shuffle it is compulsory to hum the 70s hit “The Hustle” changing the words as appropriate.

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    1. Of course, you do have to have the appropriate music running through your head at the same time!

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