Juneathon Day 14 – 21

And so the month, and the weekly pattern, continue.

June 14 – 5 mile hot run. It’s amazing what grows in the woods near here …

The very rare paddle tree

June 15 – 5.59 mile commute on the bike

June 16 – an hour of tai chi

June 17 – an hour’s off road run with a diversion to have a look at the orchids. 4.7 miles.

Bee orchid

June 18 – 5.6 mile commute on the bike again.

June 19 – short walk of 2 miles through a miserable wet wood, which smelt really bad (like fetid water bad). Got home and had to immediately wash my trousers and trainers to get the smell out. Wish I hadn’t bothered, but hey – Juneathon!

June 20 – ran out of time, so decided to attempt a proper, full press up. Started in the plank position, started slowing lowering myself to the floor, reached the floor to the relief of my trembling arms, and then was stuck. Not enough strength to raise myself back up, so managed to roll over and do 30 sit-ups instead.

June 21 – 3.8 mile run with my running buddy. Apparently, according to Strava, we’re still “trending faster”. I’ll take that.

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