Juneathon Day 12. Technology beats me

Still no broadband (I admit defeat – technology wins today) so a very quick blog from Caffè Nero. After yesterday’s eating-dinner-rather-than-running mishap I thought I’d better get my run in early – well before dinner. So as soon as the builders arrived I was off.

A planned four miles turned into five because if was feeling so great. The five turned into five and a bit because I thought I’d missed the tree I’d left my water under, turned back and retraced my steps for a little way, then realised I’d not reached ot yet so had to turn around again. I’m blaming the sun for melting my brain.

There it is!

So five-and-a-bit miles run in the sun. Don’t know exactly how far or what pace as I can’t upload my data. Grr!

One thought on “Juneathon Day 12. Technology beats me”

  1. On uploading my data I can confirm I ran 5.22 miles in 52:46. All praise technology.

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