Jubilee Weekend

Too good to eat? Apparently not!

Wow – what a busy (and long) Jubilee weekend! I’ve had a mostly lazy time, too much telly & wine I’m afraid. However I did think I ought to get out this morning, so set off for my 4 mile route thinking I’d take it good & slow.

Rain started just as I set off so felt cold going slow, then I had to go through the centre of the village which was full of people setting up marquees, tables & chairs for our Jubilee party, so I sped up to get past them with out anyone noticing (yeah, right!). Then thought I might as well stay speeded up and call it a tempo run. Well I don’t know if it was the wine-as-fuel, or the cooling rain, but it all felt so easy. 4.21M in 40:26, average pace 9:36 🙂

Good job it was a good run, as I managed to eat a goodly portion of Jubilee cakes at the party, and also bring home a doggy bag for later!

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