Janathon Day 7. A Decision and Yah Boo Sucks

Late last night I made a radical decision.  I would change my Janathon challenge from ‘getting out to run’ into a ‘not run’ challenge.  It’s a much bigger challenge,  and will hopefully help me to downgrade my ‘niggle’ back into a ‘twinge’,  and hopefully to nothing at all.

I was feeling quite sad as I love love love my running and hate cross training. However with my sensible head on, it might be just what I need to do to enable me to have a wonderful rest of the year for running rather than hobbling and grumbling.

With this in mind,  I did NOT need to open an email this morning and read “Jantastic has started. Let’s run! “ Yah boo sucks to them!

Instead I dug one of my trusty DVDs and started to do the 10 minute Abs section.  Then in a fit of enthusiasm I also did the never-before-attempted ‘buns’ 10 minutes. Let’s just hope I can sit down tomorrow!


3 thoughts on “Janathon Day 7. A Decision and Yah Boo Sucks”

    1. Yes. Not too bad so far today, but I might do it again tonight and *then* see how little I can move tomorrow!

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