Janathon day 6. Hill Repeats.

After yesterday’s 5 miles, I started to panic about the upcoming “Slaughterford 9” and set off for some hill repeats this morning.

3 runs up a short but steep hill. I’m delighted if I can manage the first 2 of the repeats without walking, usually I can manage just the first one. Today I had to walk on all 3. The second repeat was marginally faster than the first because I had to overtake a dog walker. (It’s an unspoken runner’s rule – you *have* to overtake walkers, with or without dogs, when going up a hill).

Thought process on the hills went like this:-

Hill 1 “I’m a bit cold, wish I’d worn my gloves”
Hill 2 “Warming up nicely – probably didn’t need my long tights on”
Hill 3 “Wish I’d just worn vest and shorts!”

Red in the morning …

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