Janathon Day 27. Not hardcore.

I’ve realised the big problem with the 30 Day Shred DVD is that it just doesn’t feel ‘hardcore’ enough. Yes I’ve been struggling through my ‘plank jacks’ and ‘walk out push ups’, and grimacing my way through ‘high knees’ and ‘skater jumps’, but it’s all done in my warm living room, in front of the telly (despite what my Garmin thinks).

I was painting the utility room this morning, as the rain and then hail came down. I looked out of the window and thought about running in that weather. Now that’s hardcore, and that’s what I’m missing.

So as a treat for completing Janathon, on 31st January I’m going out for a run. Come rain or shine (but let’s be honest, it’s likely to be rain) I plan to be out there, smiling, earning hardcore points. Now that’s more like it!

2 thoughts on “Janathon Day 27. Not hardcore.”

    1. I’ve just read my post back and decided I sound like a complete nutter. Going for a run, as a ‘treat’?!

      I will enjoy it very much, and will blog about it as well 🙂

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