Janathon Day 2. Getting Worse.

After yesterday’s dreadful weather, January 2nd dawned dry and sunny.  Of course that’s why I didn’t run today. Sigh.

To save my legs,  and to get my children out into the fresh air,  I challenged my daughter to choose a route for us to have a walk round the village. She agreed, told us we’d need wellies, and off we set. 0.73 miles and 29 minutes later, we were back home again. Double sigh.

In an attempt to get my Janathon back on track, I took up the challenge of ‘planking in my pyjamas’, with photographic evidence courtesy of my son. 1 minute 30 seconds- done.

Planking in Pyjamas. Stylish

4 thoughts on “Janathon Day 2. Getting Worse.”

    1. Thank you!! Had to do something special after such a poor showing earlier in the day

    1. Thanks! I tried an ‘Advent Plank streak’, and despite missing a few days managed to get my time from 40 seconds up to 2 minutes 10! So it pays to keep on practicing (but maybe not in pyjamas!)

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