Jubilee Weekend

Too good to eat? Apparently not!

Wow – what a busy (and long) Jubilee weekend! I’ve had a mostly lazy time, too much telly & wine I’m afraid. However I did think I ought to get out this morning, so set off for my 4 mile route thinking I’d take it good & slow.

Rain started just as I set off so felt cold going slow, then I had to go through the centre of the village which was full of people setting up marquees, tables & chairs for our Jubilee party, so I sped up to get past them with out anyone noticing (yeah, right!). Then thought I might as well stay speeded up and call it a tempo run. Well I don’t know if it was the wine-as-fuel, or the cooling rain, but it all felt so easy. 4.21M in 40:26, average pace 9:36 🙂

Good job it was a good run, as I managed to eat a goodly portion of Jubilee cakes at the party, and also bring home a doggy bag for later!

Samsung Hope Relay

To support the Olympic Torch Relay which started wending its way around UK this week, Samsung has pledged to donate £1 to local charities for every mile you run which is tracked by their ‘Samsung Hope Relay’ app.

It runs on Smart phones, and is really simple to use. It simply tracks your distance (using GPS) and time taken, and when you’ve finished it uploads the details. I’m running it on my Android phone, but there are also versions for iOS (that’s Apple, isn’t it?!) and Samsung Apps.

For all the information, have a look on the Samsung Website here

There – advert over. Download the app and get running!

Is this Hilly enough?

So Week 4 Run 3 in my schedule said “40 Mins Hilly”. I chose this route – do you think that is hilly enough??

Pleased with 3.13 Miles in 33:50, as it really is a steep hill on the way back up. No more runs now until Sunday, when I face the notorious ‘Slaughterford 9’ race. That’s going to count as my Long Slow Run for the week, as although 9 miles probably isn’t quite long enough, I can guarantee it will be slow! Looking at the amount of rain we’ve had this week so far (coming down again now as I type) I’m thinking snorkel & flippers might be appropriate gear.

Still, keep thinking life’s all about new experiences so really have to do this race. Its certainly the race that’s closest to home, and will certainly be an experience. Not necessarily an enjoyable one, however. Another new experience I’ve volunteered for is writing a race report for Women’s Running magazine. Not for the Slaughterford 9 (don’t want to put anyone off) but for the Bath Half Marathon in March. Sounds less muddy and less tiring than Slaughterford 9!

I will return after the race and let you know I’ve survived … hopefully!