Bluebells and How to Trick yourself to Run

I was feeling very lazy, despite getting out for a couple of runs already this week. I wanted to go for a longer run, but was having trouble motivating myself. After the Postman brought the new pair of ‘Runderwear’ running pants I bought this week I knew I had to go. (More about the pants another time).

Once in my new pants and out the door I talked myself into taking a longer, more ‘interesting’ (i.e. off road and uphill)  route by telling myself it would be full of bluebells and very photogenic.

A few bluebells
A few bluebells

As you can see, not too many bluebells were actually out. I had cheated myself!

However I had set off intending to do a 5 mile road run and ended up having run 7.5 miles including some off road, so I didn’t mind really.

Does anyone else ‘trick’ themselves to run further, or is it just me?!

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