3 Days to Go – Trains without Toilets

3 days and counting. Butterflies are really getting going in my stomach now, and the ‘To Do / Pack / Don’t Forget’ list is reaching War and Peace proportions. I thought I had my travel to the marathon start all sorted out, and only the lack of a mention of a buffet on the train made me start investigating. My plan had been to have a last cup of tea to wash down my flapjack on the 40 minute journey in to Brighton on the train.

Google made me worry by taking me to a site which was bemoaning the fact trains on the Portsmouth to Brighton line would no longer have toilets on them. Never mind worrying about the lack of a buffet – NO TOILET???!!

Without wishing to be too graphic about it, toilets on Race mornings are very important to me and my digestive system. Very urgent, in a nervous stomach kind-of-a-way. I managed to contact Southern Rail on Twitter to ask them if there really wouldn’t be a toilet on the train.


So its confirmed – no toilets on the train, and I should just go before I get on basically. Gulp. Maybe I’d better investigate the Tena Lady aisle in the supermarket before Sunday.

Anyone else had to cope with something like this? Can anyone offer me any advice (except maybe skip the cup of tea on the train, and keep my legs crossed!)

3 thoughts on “3 Days to Go – Trains without Toilets”

  1. Well .. can’t quite believe that. Providing trains without toilets? Whatever century are the train companies living in? Hmmmph – I’m really annoyed on your behalf! As for advice – there isn’t any really is there. Other than ‘go’ before you travel. Or change your travel arrangments so they don’t include trains sans toilets.

    1. Glad I’m not the only one who thinks its not on. In the middle of the night I had a cunning plan however – I could take an emergency bucket with me, plus a bin bag to wear to cover my modesty. I’m sure Southern Rail would have no problems with that????

      1. On second thoughts, maybe ‘middle of the night’ brainwaves aren’t all that practical. Taper madness reigns!!

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