Why Janathon is better than Jantastic

As I posted yesterday, I suddenly realised on Saturday morning that I still needed to fit two runs in this week in order to complete my 3 runs a week for jantastic. Truth be told I was still in a post-Janathon, post-lurgy slump and have been enjoying not running much this week, so this was an unpleasant realisation.

My 3 mile plod on Saturday was fine for one of those runs, but I’d also said I’d complete a long run of 6 miles this week, so that was what I needed to do yeaterday. Unfortunately I also needed to get the paint brush and huge pot of emulsion out and do a bit more painting upstairs and on our newly replastered dining room ceiling. 4 hours of painting and I was shattered. And I still had to do this 6 mile run.

If this was Janathon, I could quite happily have recorded painting as my day’s exercise. (In fact I did, on several days this year). But Jantastic? Oh no – painting’s not good enough for them. It has to be running. Sigh. Oh – and it’s February now – what’s with the Jantastic thing? Eh? Mm?!  You see – Janathon is better than Jantastic – I rest my case.

So at 4 o’clock I put the paint roller down, put on my trainers and set off. The sun was just about setting, it was starting to get cold again, but I did discover that going up a hill, with the sun setting behind you, means you can take photos like this:

*That's* what I call legs!
*That’s* what I call legs!

Actually – whispers – if it was Janathon I wouldn’t have got out for a 6 mile run, so maybe there is something to this Jantastic thing after all …

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