A race report. Yes, honestly! Lacock Relay

Still technically in the first half of the year, and I’ve finally managed my first race report of the year. Actually my first race of the year. 

The Lacock Relays are a series of 3 races organised by my running club,  Chippenham Harriers. Runners are placed into teams of 3 according to how fast they can run,  so that reach team has a fast,  a medium and a slow runner. In theory, any team can win, you’ll always be running with other people of around the same speed as you, and even if you know no one else there you’ll at least have the other members of your team cheering you on. And it’s only £2. What’s not to like? 

The course is very simple but extremely pretty. Heading out of the village the entrance to Lacock  Abbey, you cross the river and then take every left turn until you’re back at the start 2.6 miles later. The hill back down into the village gives you enough momentum to thunder through the beautiful High Street (as seen in practically every period drama), frighten the tourists and sprint over the finish line. 

I confess I wasn’t running my fastest, as I know I haven’t run much lately and I’m still cautious about my foot.  However it was still a hard run and I enjoyed it. My Harriers vest had its first outing of the year, I saw friends to chat to,  and it was the most fun I’ve had whilst wearing a vest on a cold and drizzly evening for ages.*

*I think you might have to be a runner to appreciate this

With a little help from my friends (well, husband)

Well if you’ve read my previous post, you’ll know I was caught up in dithering whilst my brain was trying to help by coming up with helpful suggestions.

So did I listen to my brain? Well,  what do you think this is?

What IS it?!

If you said it’s a tadpole, then no points to you. Mini submarine is also no points but I admire how you think it would help me back onto my bike.

Maybe this will help some more :-

Ah! Of course, bike lights and cycle clips. Now I have an answer to the worry about taking so long to cycle the light is going, and to going on my snazzy bike in ordinary (non-lycra) clothing*

When my husband was home at the weekend I locked him in the garage until he showed me again how to change my bike’s inner tube (actually he was delighted to show me, bless him!) I also made him come out on what was for him a ridiculously short easy ride, and for me the longest ride in about a year. It actually was a lovely ride. Great route, quiet lanes, lovely café stop – I really enjoyed it.

So what’s next? Well the demons have been put to bed so I guess I need to get out on my own!

*contrary to popular belief I do own some clothing that isn’t sports related.

Digging, Mindfulness and a Powerpoint Presentation

So I’ve managed a few runs lately, and my swimming lessons are going, well, swimmingly, so it only remained for me to get back on my bike to complete the triathlon triplet. Frustratingly I’ve been suffering from self-sabotaging thoughts which have prevented me from just getting on with it.

One of the things I’ve missed most about running is the thinking time. I’ve always found that whilst running my mind will chew over problems, worries, and aggravations and come up with calm, sane, and sensible solutions. Funnily enough, I found that working on the allotment has had the same wondrous results. I guess this is what all this mindfulness stuff is about – not just colouring books.

All that digging

Last week I arrived at my allotment with my brain full of ridiculous “reasons” why I couldn’t ride my bike, and spent the next few hours digging, weeding, planting and watering. As if by magic, later on that day my brain presented me with a full colour PowerPoint presentation (complete with whizzy slide transitions and sound effects) detailing exactly what I needed to do. Here are the highlights, without the eye bleeding effects:-

What if I can’t remember how to use my cleats and just fall off again? Well, a bit of practice will remind me how to get my feet out, and it wouldn’t be the first time I’ve fallen off. (Twenty first more like!)
What if I get a puncture? How about I just ask my lovely husband to show me again how to change an inner tube.
Will I look silly in my lycra gear for just a short test ride?Just buy some bargain cycle clips and then just nip out in jeans.
What if I’m out too late and it starts to get dark? Back to the bargain shop for some cheap and cheerful lights.
What if … what if … what if …. Oh for Heavens sake Lucy – this mindfulness thing is all well and good, but just get back on your bike!

If your brain could make you a PowerPoint presentation, what would it say to you? What would it say to me?!