Juneathon 2021 Totals

Because I’m a complete nerd, I decided to add up my totals for this summer’s ‘thon. Because I’m also a geek I put it in a spreadsheet which I present to you below:-

Just call me Statto

Overall I’m happy with my ‘athon. Obviously if I’d been more organised I would have done my sums earlier and managed a little more effort to up my miles and hours to more pleasingly round numbers. Notwithstanding this, I’m happy. Roll on Janathon!

Juneathon Day 22 – 30

The final stretch! Day 22 was my usual Tuesday cycle commute of 5.59 miles. Beautiful weather for it, but my legs always complain after a day of standing up.

Day 23 – hours tai chi lesson. Still haven’t managed to do the complete form with needing a prompt from our teacher. One more week …

Day 24 – a day trip to Oxford to take the in-laws to visit their granddaughter. Forgot to start my Garmin so I didn’t measure it, but we walked for a fair few miles (and ate some lovely vegan food along the way!).

Day 25 – 5.59 mile cycle commute again.

Day 26 – Walk of 0.98 miles (how annoying!) near the highest hill in Wiltshire, spotting more orchids and then at least another mile around Avebury.

Not an Avebury stone

Day 27 – a 3 mile walk around the village in the rain.

Day 28 – 3.77 mile run with my run buddy

Day 29 – 5.59 mile cycle commute again for me today.

Day 30 – made it to the final day! To end with a flourish I finally managed (once) to get through the complete form in my tai chi lesson on my own with no prompts. As an encore, I cycled into town for a bonus 9.3 mile ride.

I had to collect a parcel, so merrily set off with my trusted panniers* on my bike confident in my load carrying capabilities. The nice man in the office found my parcel, and handed over a massive box (which I knew only contained a few, small items). Wielding all the charm I could muster, I persuaded him to let me open the box, take out the contents (which fitted easily into my panniers) and then hand back the empty box for him to recycle. Result!

I cycled on into town and made it a practice “Coffeeneuring” ride.

Vegan raspberry croissant. Life is good

*Technically they’re my husband’s trusty panniers, but they’re on my bike now so, possession … 9/10ths of the law etc.

Juneathon Day 14 – 21

And so the month, and the weekly pattern, continue.

June 14 – 5 mile hot run. It’s amazing what grows in the woods near here …

The very rare paddle tree

June 15 – 5.59 mile commute on the bike

June 16 – an hour of tai chi

June 17 – an hour’s off road run with a diversion to have a look at the orchids. 4.7 miles.

Bee orchid

June 18 – 5.6 mile commute on the bike again.

June 19 – short walk of 2 miles through a miserable wet wood, which smelt really bad (like fetid water bad). Got home and had to immediately wash my trousers and trainers to get the smell out. Wish I hadn’t bothered, but hey – Juneathon!

June 20 – ran out of time, so decided to attempt a proper, full press up. Started in the plank position, started slowing lowering myself to the floor, reached the floor to the relief of my trembling arms, and then was stuck. Not enough strength to raise myself back up, so managed to roll over and do 30 sit-ups instead.

June 21 – 3.8 mile run with my running buddy. Apparently, according to Strava, we’re still “trending faster”. I’ll take that.