Race Report. Bath Skyline 10K #4

The fourth in this series,  the third I’ve run, and the second on the new course from Bath Racecourse. Also the first time I’ve run in shorts*, in February. Most of this race was the same as the January running, so just read my report of it so I don’t have to write it again.

Differences this time? I really wasn’t feeling it before the race. I even Tweeted about it, but moaning didn’t help (it never does). The waves seemed much smaller today – maybe only 50 people lined up with me for the start of wave 4 – so there was never any waiting or queuing at stiles or puddles. Once we set off, I cheered up somewhere between being told I was wearing the best socks, and getting said socks covered in mud.

Rockin' the shorts and long socks look
Rockin’ the shorts and long socks look – the ‘Before’ picture

The puddles were just as deep as last month, but the overall slippiness was less which made it more enjoyable -it was possible to stagger up the hills rather than crawl up. Chatting to a man in the car park afterwards, he said in the section that climbs back up through the trees it looked just like groups of zombies staggering along. I reached the top of this section, came back out onto the footpath and told the marshall “I’m a broken woman!” so I know how they were feeling.

Also on this hill, a very practical Northern lady passed me saying “I hope them socks’ll come up alright!”**

I hope they'll come up alright as well
I hope they’ll come up alright as well. Also my shorts seem to have disappeared

So another muddy hilly race done, and the final part of the interlocking medals collected.


I wasn’t sure if I’d run a series of races like this again, they have messed up my longer runs. Then I saw Relish Running have another series that goes through old railway tunnels in (under?) Bath that has a train on the interlocking medals …. I like trains!

* Showed my son the “shorts and long socks” look, and he sighed and said “at least you’re not wearing sandals as well”

** Translation for Southerners “I hope all of that mud will wash off those socks”

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