The Great Chalfield 10K

What a beautiful night for my first race since the London Marathon!

I wish it had all been as flat as this, but great for a finish line sprint

It had been warm and muggy all day, definitely not the best racing conditions for me. Thankfully as the afternoon drew on the temperature dropped a little, and a blustery breeze was making it feel a little cooler.

On arriving with about 25 minutes before the race started, I had plenty of time to park (about 10m from the start line) and walk to the Race HQ (the Scout Hut). I collected my number, queued for the toilet, and then still had time for a little warm-up jog. Gotta love this little local races!

Starting at the back means I missed most of the pre-race briefing, but I did catch a bit about “having to run on the common for further as the original route is like a swamp” and “the grass is so tall we’ve lost the footpath”. Such a change from London!

I found the footpath okay, it was a little soggy in one patch, but all okay. The lanes were mostly quiet, a few of the kilometre markers had blown down, and the water was at nearer to 6K than 5K (and by then I was desperate for a drink!), but it was a great race. For most of the way round I was following (in the distance) 3 ladies. I was determined to catch at least one of them before the end. Sure enough, I was gradually catching them up, until on a nasty little slope just after 5 miles I overtook two of them. I was delighted!

On the final run in along the Common towards the Finish line though, I could hear someone coming up fast behind me, and could see a shadow of someone approaching. Curses! I thought, but sportingly moved to the side so they could overtake. Yes, it was one of the ladies I’d overtaken doing a magnificent sprint for the line. Well done, Corsham!

Understated Finish Line – but I was still very glad to see it

On this straight I saw my lovely husband, and ace race photographer on the other side of the road. What a good photo from his new phone! Also my son who was determined to beat me to the line (another sprint finish!)

What a lovely little race. Lovely to know the race fee is going towards the local Scout troop with their lovely little Scout Hut. Great to run in a small race where you can park 20 seconds from the start line. Fantastic to run with such friendly runners, who even apologise for beating you on the final straight. Oh – and a great medal too (always a bonus).

Medal – All worthwhile!

Oh – and didn’t I mention? 59:26. Under the hour, which I wanted. Not a true PB, as I ran faster last October. However, since that race is run around the Castle Combe motor racing circuit (completely flat and smooth) its always felt a bit of a cheat. So I feel I have an official ‘road’ sub-60 PB now.

The proof! 59:26

Roll on the 5K race on 11th July!

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