Black Dog Halt

So if you want a flat LSR route, what better choice than a disused railway line, which has been converted into a cycle path? Straight(ish), flat, very pretty, and still with a station on the line. ‘Black Dog Halt’ entranced my son when he was little, even without any tracks or trains!

In these inspiring (and flat) settings, my ‘as long as its at least 10 miles, and maybe 11?’ run turned into a 12.5M run. Ending up circling the housing estate I was parked in, in drizzle, and very hungry. Worked out if I’d carried on to 13.1M I’d have been at my old HM pace, and this was without proper LSR breakfast (wot no porridge), and with no gels or ShotBloks en route.

Pretty pleased with myself, actually – roll on my Half Marathons in September!

Oh hang on – a short 5K to get through first…

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