Juneathon Day 23. Not hungover at all.

Well my parent’s anniversary dinner last night was wonderful.  I think everyone enjoyed themselves – I know I did!

So today I wasn’t hungover at all.  Not at all – no.  Nope. I was just a little … tired. My daughter had a friend over so I didn’t feel I could go out for a run, so me and my son cycled up to the allotment instead.  We had a quick breath of fresh air, had a little potter about,  and then cycled home again. 

In total,  just over a mile cycled.  Yes I know this is quite pathetic, but if it wasn’t Juneathon I wouldn’t have gone out at all,  so I’m happy with that.  This is extra pathetic consisting Mr B&T spent yesterday on a 100 mile cycle ride,  the Bike Bath Sportive.  He then spent today on the secondday ofthe sportive cycling another 100 miles, thus earning the title  ‘Gladiator’. Now that’s impressive!

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