Back on the road again!

So, the London Marathon is long over. I can’t justify wearing my medal any more (at least, not in public!), I can’t use it as an excuse to get out of something any more, and I have more-or-less told everyone all my stories of the day.*I had a rest week afterwards, and then I decided I couldn’t put it off any longer, and I’d better get back out there again. Just in case my legs forgot what they were supposed to do, or thought that was that and we were done. Not likely!

So first week back, I managed a 3 mile run on Monday. It just felt so lovely to be back running on ‘my’ lanes again – and very quiet! I started off way too fast and felt dead after the first mile, so I had slow it right down. Also, for the first mile, my entire body was shouting “WHAT?? WHAT??? WHAT!!!! I THOUGHT WE’D DONE WITH THIS!”. Never mind listen to your body, I had to ignore it and just push on.

On Thursday I made it out for a 4 mile run. Same body shouting for the first mile, but felt surprisingly fine after that.

I though 2 runs a week was fine to start with, and went back to resting,

This week thought I’d better up it to 3 runs. After Monday’s Bank Holiday I set off on Tuesday for 4 miles. I had been planning on going further, but after ignoring my body’s shouting for the first mile (again), I felt fantastic and decided to do some impromptu speed work. So 1 mile warm up (and shut up), then 1 Mile faster, 0.5 mile slow, 1 mile fast(er), and 0.5 mile stagger home. Fastest I’ve run for months – and when I got home my face was the reddest its been for months!

Wednesday was a nice and easy 3 miles. Thought I’d risk going on one of my favourite footpaths down through a field – yes it was muddy!

Exhibit 1. Plus Mud.

Friday – don’t know why I thought all of the rain would have magically soaked away by today, but my easy 6 miles turned into a splash down the lanes for a couple of miles, followed by a squelchy slither up though the fields, followed by a very strange tip-toe style mincing run through the footpath-wide mud. Managed NOT to slip over, other wise I’d have been as muddy as the very over-excited dogs I saw along the way. Last couple of miles home again on the lanes was spent shedding mud and running into shallow puddles in an attempt to ‘clean’ my trainers.


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