All back to normal. New goals, new gear :-)

For the first time in a long time, last week I ran 4 times. Two easy runs, one short tempo run, and a long run. I have new gear, new goals, a new group and nothing else beginning with ‘G’ I can think of.

A new running group has started in our neighbouring village so I felt very brave going along. We ran 2.7 miles, there were just 5 of us, and I was haring along determined not to hold everyone up. Felt pretty fast so I was mentally telling myself this would count as my Tempo run for the week. I was very relieved when the group leader said she was glad we hadn’t run any further at that pace – it wasn’t just me that found it hard then!

My lovely new kit arrived as well – a bright Purple running bra from Sugoi, and a pale blue long sleeved top from Ron Hill. Its very light, so perfect for the current temperature where you know you’ll be warm by the end, but don’t quite dare to start off in short sleeves.

I’ve entered 2 half marathons both in September (just a week apart actually) which probably isn’t very clever, but I want to run them for different reasons. One because its a local race, its the first year its been run, and it should be a lovely mix of country roads and Wiltshire small town roads. The other is a big city race where I’ll hopefully get to meet some of the runners I was talking online to before we ran the marathon.

There’s a lovely sounding little 10K race at the end of June as well. Very pretty route, a Thursday evening (which would be a first!), supporting the local Scout group. Sounds perfect? Well, looking at last year’s results at my current pace I come round about last. I think I need to give myself a talking to again.. “Someone has to come last” “its not the end of the world”, “it won’t be the first time you’ve come last..”

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