Janathon Day 4. Some real exercise at last!

Finally,  finally,  some real exercise that involves putting on lycra and going outside. Sadly, still no running, but today’s adventure was cycling. Even more exciting, cycling wearing cleats. Anyone who’s followed my cycling exploits will know I usually manage to fall off my bike at least once on any ride. Often whilst stationary, always embarrassing. After several months of using the toe clips that came with my bike, Mr B&T bought me some real cycling shoes and cleats.* This was a trip destined to end in disaster.

All the gear, very little idea

As an incentive we decided to cycle to one of our favourite cafés, Merkins Farm near Bradford on Avon. After a quick lesson in how to clip in and out, we set off. It was cold, and after twenty minutes my hands and feet were numb. My son (who was also in his new shoes and cleats for the first time) was setting a stirling pace as he had the scent of his favourite veggie burger in his nostrils.

After a cold hour we were there. The blessed relief to walk inside where it was warm from the wood burning stove was indescribable, but the pain from blood returning to my numb finger tips could only be described in naughty four letter words (so I’ll let you use your imagination).

Well worth the cold ride! The cycle back home was much warmer (probably because we all had lovely warm full stomachs). When I uploaded my ride onto Strava I was delighted to see I’d won two QOMs (Queen Of the Mountains). When I looked a little closer, they are actually “2015 QOM”s, so I suspect I won’t hold onto these for very long! I am also delighted to report I didn’t fall off once and I managed to clip in and out with no problems. This was probably aided by the ever lovely Mr B&T shouting “UNCLIP” as we approached every junction.** My son did fall off once, as he got his unclipped foot stuck between the kerb and his bike, but he landed on a soft muddy verge so he didn’t hurt himself.

19.6 miles cycled. Double points because it was so cold. Excellent veggie burger eaten. Janathon Day 4 done.

* Sometimes I think he doesn’t like me very much

**Maybe he does like me, after all