Summer’s almost gone

I can never resist giving you an ear worm. However, it is true, the heat of the summer has gone, the evenings are drawing in and road races I’ve been ummimg and arrrrhing* over have been replaced by off road trail races.

Swimming lessons are continuing, but despite buying some overly natty cycling glasses, not much biking has gone on. I did bravely venture out once, forgot my glasses, forgot a bike lock, couldn’t find the cafe I was aiming for so turned around and found a different cafe instead. 1473430402856.jpg


I’ve made it to parkrun a couple of times, which has felt hard but satisfying (masochist!)

I’ve made it out for a five mile run (longest so far this year).

Last month I thought if I could get out for one swim, one bike ride and two runs every week, then I’d be back on track whilst saving my foot. (This time last year I was managing four runs a week. How long ago does that seem!) I haven’t actually managed this yet, but I live in hope.

Right – where’s the booking form for those races…

  • Apparently today, 19th September, is International “Talk like a Pirate Day” so I guess it’s appropriate to be “arrrrhing”. It’s also my Cornish Mother-in-law’s birthday. I don’t think these two facts are related.

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