Shot Blok Giveaway

Everyone likes a freebie, yes? And everyone likes Shotbloks, yes? Yes?
You do, great. Then head to the bottom paragraph to find out how you could get some freebies.

You don’t? Oh – I’ve never met anyone who didn’t like those little jelly cubes of goodness.

You’ve never tried them? Well now here’s your chance.



I have used Shot Bloks on many long runs and each of my marathons. They are like eating those little pre-dissolved cubes of jelly (or was that just a “growing up in the 70s” thing? ), but 3 of them give you basically the same energy boost as an energy gel. You have to have some water to help them down, but they also contain the salts you’ll have been sweating out so they have everything you need. On a personal note, I’ve found that picking them out of your teeth for the next few miles is a fine way to pass the time on a long run.

I can really recommend Shot Bloks, so you may be wondering why I’ve got two packets to give away instead of just scoffing them myself? Well I ordered a selection of flavours from Up and Running, and by mistake they sent me these Black Cherry flavour ones. I hate anything cherry flavoured with a passion (but I love cherries -weird, huh?) so they kindly sent me some other flavours and said I could give these away.

The Black Cherry variety also has caffeine in then, so they are ideal for a boost towards the end of a race when you may be flagging.

To enter this giveaway, please leave a comment after this post telling me if you’ve tried Shot Bloks before, what you thought of them and what’s your favorite method of fueling on long runs. Winner will be selected at random on 1st September 2015 from people who’ve left a comment by 23:59 on 31st August 2015.

Good luck!

17 thoughts on “Shot Blok Giveaway”

  1. I’ve never tried shot blocks because I’m nervous I’d bite my tongue! I generally use gels or regular food like biscuits and mini sandwiches 🙂

  2. Hi there! I have tried a few flavors of ShotBloks and really like them as they are easier to chew than Haaribos when running (and out of breathe). I also like MyProtein Blackcurrent Energels (both with caffeine and without) and Nakd bars when I am out on a long run. Finally EnergyBits are amazing & don’t ever upset my stomach. 🙂

  3. I’ve used Shot Bloks before (various flavours) on long training runs and agree with Black & Tabby – getting the bits out of your teeth afterwards gives you something to do and takes your mind off the running. On a more serious note, as B&T knows, I have run the Bath Half several times and had problems with cramps. I’ve used Shot Bloks during these races and can only think the cramps would have been worse without ..

  4. I’ve never even heard of Shot Bloks before! I’ve tried the myProtein Energels! I’ve used SiS Gels, and they’ve worked well! Biggest mistake I’ve made was trying to use normal pre workout (C4) for a long run, the two just didn’t mix!


  5. I’ve never tried Shot Bloks before but I’ve heard great things about them.

    I usually use gels during my long runs and during races – However, I struggle trying trying to make sure I have all the gel out of the packet and run out of breath in the process.

    Having something that I just have to pop in my mouth and chew on might be easier for me so I’d definitely be interested!

  6. Never tried shot bloks but they’ve been recommended by a fellow runner! Currently using Sis energy gels but they give me sticky fingers and aren’t exactly the best tasting things! Salmon and brown rice the night before a long run, energy gels and electrolyte drink during runs seems to be adequate at the moment although slightly boring

  7. Training for first half marathon in October. Not tried Shot Blok yet. Have to be careful about what I use as gluten free. Tried Haribo on 5 miler last Sunday and didn’t get on well with it as couldn’t cope with the hard chew and breathe. Been looking at trying this but can’t find them locally to me.

  8. Hi Lucy,

    I have tried Cliff Shot Blocks before and liked them as they dont make me feel nauseated like gels do.I also like Nutrigrain breakfast bars on long runs,they each contain 30g carbohydrate and taste yummy!

  9. Hi there, I’ve never used shot bloke or gels & have just started to up my distance for a HM – today I did 10m & used an Ella’s baby food pouch with not great results lol – don’t know if it was the moving about in my tummy but I’ve ended up feeling a bit rough to be honest, so on the hunt to find something I can stomach without actually taking to much into my stomach!! Thanks 🙂

  10. I love SHOTBLOCKS, I cannot do a race without them now, I did my first triathlon at the beginning of this summer and had been having some really weird side effects from working my night shifts so felt really ill and like I was going to pass out, one of my friends gave them to me whilst I was running to help me out and I loved them! They helped me get through it and they taste great, I prefer the tropical punch flavour but would love to try the black cherry flavour. They help me get through my races (beginner runner trying to get into fitness and running) and they are so small and easy to use! 🙂 Evie

  11. I’ve never tried Shotbloks but would love to! Gels make me feel queasy and you have to take them all in one go, so my current fuel of choice is a packet of Energy Beans.
    Lisa x

  12. Never tried shot bloks before, but I’d like to try them, as I have heard good things about them and I don’t really like the thickness or consistency of most of the gels that you can buy. Plus, I was one of those children of the early 80s who used to love eating jelly cubes 🙂

  13. Never tried Shot Bloks but keep hearing good things! Normally I go for something cheap and cheerful like Jelly Babies (which happen to also be bloody lovely so it’s a good excuse!) 🙂

  14. I’ve never used gels or shots or anything before as I have only managed 10k but I’ve booked myself in for a trail half marathon in October and am looking at fueling for it.
    Thanks for reading

  15. (not entering giveaway, just posting because conversation!)

    I found blokshots just before London Marathon (at the expo ahem) and they worked brilliantly the next day, so glad to hear they are veggie (I didnt dare look incase I couldnt eat them anymore!)

    On long runs I tend to eat chocolate bars, blok shots and drink varied electrolyte replacement drinks. I’d love to try chips on the go, but being in sweden I havent had opportunity yet!

  16. I have never tried shot blocks. I am relatively new to running and am still on shorter distances so have a banana before and after but as my distance increases I’m going to need something for during to keep me going ? x

  17. Wow – lots of people want to try ShotBloks! Well sorry – no more entries now. I’ll randomly select the winner later and let you know.

    Thank you for entering, and for all the ideas you’ve given me for other ways to fuel my long runs.

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