Juneathon Day 7. A race not run

Yesterday was the Chippenham Harriers 5 mile race. I was there, bright and early, but I wasn’t running. Oh no, for the first time I was shouldering my new found responsibilities as a club member and I had volunteered to help.

It was a beautiful hot sunny day, but I was helping give out running numbers and chips so I was inside the cool of the rugby club. It was a busy morning, I didn’t see any of the race, but I saw the red faced runners returning saying what a good race it was and how hot it was.

Much later on, husband asked if I fancied going to the pub. I’d seen runners supping on cold pints of lager after the race and had fancied one since then. Then I remembered I hadn’t yet run for the day, so I snuck in a quick run with a small hill, and then really enjoyed my beer.


Kittens eating in the same room as big cat. Progress!

Random kitten update.

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